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Having a free author page will improve your SEO and it will increase the visibility of your book. It is free, so there is no point that you will not be interested in having a free author page. Please contact us with your book at Send us a free copy of the book (in any standard readable format). 

Our editorial team will read your book and will let you know whether your book will be featured or not. It may take some time, as we are busy reading lots of manuscripts/books right now. 

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Dear friends,
Because of your help, our Facebook group FREE Sewing, Quilting & Crafting eBooks is 2000+ friends stronger . This calls for a celebration! We like to celebrate it by organizing a giveaway for our fellow group members. For that, we are giving away a bestselling quilting Kindle book ”
Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine Quilt: Learn the Basics of Walking Foot and Free-Motion Quilting" by bestselling author/quilter Pat Sloan.  

To become eligible for winning this book, (1) you have to be the member of our Facebook group “
FREE Sewing, Quilting & Crafting eBooks” (2) then find the post in the group for this announcement.  Like the postand (3) submit a picture of one of your project in the comment section of the post. Your submission will be your eligibility. Don’t post more than once.​​

We know, all of you are wonderful artists. And we are in no position to judge your work. We’ll pick one of you (eligible member) randomly. So don’t wait and start submitting your project now. Your submission dead line is May 26th 6 pm CDT (USA, Texas time). After that, no entry will be eligible for winning this book. So good luck and spread the word! 

Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine Quilt: Learn the Basics of Walking Foot and Free-Motion Quilting

Popular teacher, designer, and online radio host Pat Sloan teaches all you need to know to machine quilt successfully. In this third book of her beginner-friendly "Teach Me" series, Pat guides you step by step through walking-foot and free-motion quilting techniques. First-time quilters will be confidently quilting in no time, and experienced stitchers will discover the joy of finishing their quilts themselves.​

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How to participate

Bestselling crocheting book giveaway on 05/22/2017

Participants must be 18 years or older and have a kindle book.

Participant can't be a 'USA Today' or 'New York Times' bestselling author! Author page is  for the struggling authors only! Authors book shouldn't be ranked better than 100 in any category in amazon. 

Every month only one author will be featured. 

Order of books/author featured in the page will be based on PUBABOOK's discretion. Generally, we'll try to follow the first come first serve rule! 

No purchase/payment is necessary for participating in this program.

It is expected that the featured author will also promote the PUBABOOK's author page in the social media. If not, then the next author will be selected for the page.

Price of the featured kindle book shouldn't be more than $2.00

PUBABOOK's decision on any dispute is final.


History of not recognizing a good book or an author in proper time is old, really old. Considering  that, PUB-A-BOOK is offering a free author page to the struggling authors for promoting their book. Example of a free author page is here.  Interested? Please contact